Growing Food is our Passion!

We adhere to strict organic farming procedures

 As a global farming partner, it is our responsibility to create a future where our planet is thriving and will continue to sustain generations to come.

Supplying the food industry with essential farm- fresh foods known to support human health and immune systems and caring for the environment in the process.

International farming is what we DO!

The world looks to farmers for sustenance, we honor the people and the labor that goes into every harvest. We can help connect you to dedicated producers that can provide your business a consistent supply of quality products.

HarvestDance International Inc., is working with organic family farms in West Africa, Nigeria to supply essential agriculture commodities to food purveyors in Canada. 

Our services include seed to harvest growing as well as sourcing to accommodate your immediate demand. 

Taking customer service to new levels,  premium quality products with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.